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As 2020 brings in a new dynamic and clinical appetite for NASH drug development; the innovation and expertise needed to overcome specific challenges is changing.

The biopharmaceutical industry wants service providers to be ahead of the curve for the next wave of rate limiting hurdles so they can continue to advance their NASH candidate pipelines.

  • How will patient recruitment change in the world of approved therapeutics?
  • Will in vivo models innovate to better recapitulate human NASH in the same way in vitro is?
  • How do biomarkers validate against histology?

Over 80 NASH drug developers will come together at the 3rd NASH Summit Europe for the 3rd year, to actively seek partnerships with organizations that can help keep their NASH candidate in the race.

Who will you meet?

NASH Statistics 2
NASH Statistics

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"Great event, exceptional networking opportunities. High quality of presentations. Very efficient way to spend my time"

Synexus, previous NASH Summit partner


"It’s a “small” forum where the business of science can be openly discussed. Intimate and focused"

Synexus, previous NASH Summit partner