Pre-Conference Workshops
Wednesday 23rd October 2019


Stratification of NASH Through Patient Data Sets
09:00 – 12:00

Between 2015 and 2030 the prevalence of NASH is expected to
rise by 63% (Estes 2018), exacerbating the existing challenge
of stratifying and annotating a heterogeneous and largely
asymptomatic population. Stratified Medicine Scotland –
Innovation Centre (SMS-IC) is focused on linking Scotland’s
domain expertise, data assets and delivery capability to
accelerate the adoption of Precision Medicine within NASH for
more effective medicine development, better diagnostics and
earlier intervention, and optimal treatment selection.

This workshop will give you a deep dive into:

  • The construction of highly curated and annotated patient data sets
  • Accessing the right patient populations for stratification
  • Ensuring data quality and content

Workshop Leader

Marian McNeil

Marian McNeil
Chief Operating Officer
Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre


Computational Models to Facilitate Drug Decision Making in NASH
13.00 - 16.00

Researching computation charting of metabolic paths in
the liver, developing multiscale three-dimensional imaging
of pathological features and metabolic derangements,
multimodal modelling and charting of metabolic processes hold
potential to yield new insights and new drugs for NAFLD/NASH.

In this workshop we will address:

  • The kind of data that can be obtained by mass spectrometry (MS) from human liver samples (both biopsies and surgery material) and how these data can be helpful to the MDs
  • The main challenges in establishing a working collaboration with all the partners from the different relevant disciplines (medical doctors, wet lab scientists, dry lab scientists, modeling team)
  • Techniques for sample analysis with MS adopting examples from our current work (shotgun lipidomics analysis of LiSyM samples from the Kiel cohort)
  • Data analysis, visualization, integration and delivery to medical partners

Workshop Leaders

Olga Vvendenskaya

Olga Vvedenskaya
Postdoctoral Researcher Member

Jacobo Miranda

Jacobo Miranda
Postdoctoral Researcher Collaborator


Novel Target Identification & Early Stage Results
16:30 – 18:20


16:30  Current and Emerging Approaches for NASH Drug Development

16.50  CRV431, A Novel Drug Candidate for Liver Fibrosis

17.10  Small activating RNA (saRNA) Platform for NASH/Fibrosis Targets

17:30  NKT Cells and their role in NASH as a Therapeutic Target

17:50  Combination Therapies for NASH from the Biotech Perspective

18:20  Drinks Reception & Networking

Confirmed Speakers

Christine Reynet

Christine Reynet
McC+R&D Consulting

Daren Ure

Daren Ure
Director of Research & Development
ContraVir Pharmaceuticals

David Blakey

David Blakey
Chief Scientific Officer
MiNA Therapeutics

mark hertz gri bio

Marc Hertz
Chief Executive Officer