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Novel Target Identification & Early Stage Results
Wednesday 23rd October 2019


Current and Emerging Approaches for NASH Drug Development

  • Approaches developed for treating NASH and current drugs in clinical trials
  • Overview of emerging therapeutic targets
  • Key challenges into the understanding and treatment of NASH
Christine Reynet

Christine Reynet
McC+R&D Consulting


CRV431, A Novel Drug Candidate for Liver Fibrosis

  • Cyclophilin inhibition attenuates many pathological mechanisms
  • CRV431 reduces fibrosis in multiple experimental models
  • CRV431 appears best suited for late stages of hepatitis of diverse etiologies
Daren Ure

Daren Ure
Director of Research & Development
ContraVir Pharmaceuticals


Small Activating RNA (saRNA) Platform for NASH/Fibrosis Targets

  • Providing data demonstrating saRNA is a clinically validated platform to upregulate target gene expression
  • Demonstrating application of saRNA platform for NASH targets and discuss liver delivery
  • Sharing new in vitro and in vivo data on HNF4a saRNA as a novel therapeutic approach for NASH
David Blakey

David Blakey
Chief Scientific Officer
MiNA Therapeutics


Combination Therapies for NASH from the Biotech Perspective

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